Aquatic, fruity or floral summer perfumes?

Aquatic, fruity or floral summer perfumes?

Today we discover the power of summer fragrances and compare the three most populair summer scents: Aquatic, fruity and floral

The sun-kissed days of summer are coming, for us to embrace fragrances that mirror the season’s warmth. As we step into the fragrance adventure, we explore the three most beloved summer scent families: aquatic, fruity, and floral. Each note different and necessary for our collection, evoking memories of sunsets, beachside picnics, and blooming gardens.

Aquatic Notes: A Breeze from the Ocean

With Aquatic fragrances we think of the sea. Popular notes for aquatic fragrances are water notes, bergamot and lavender. These scents capture the essence of crashing waves, cool mist, and the freedom of open waters. Picture yourself on a yacht, or on the beach surrounded by people admiring your scent. Here are some iconic aquatic perfumes:

  1. Acqua di Giò by Giorgio Armani: A classic blend of marine notes, citrus, and woody undertones. Perfect for lazy beach days or sunset strolls along the shore.
  2. Jean paul gaultier Le male: The all time most populair sailor perfume, perfected and iconic using lavender, bergamot and mint.

Best Time to Wear Aquatic Scents: Daytime, especially during the day on beach vacations or on warm days near the sea.

Fruity Notes: Juicy and Irresistible

Fruity fragrances are burst with the smell of unique ripe fruits—think juicy peaches, tangy berries, and tropical delights like pineapple and coconut. These scents are used to signify an individual, if you always wear a strawberry scent, you will be known as the girl/boy that smells like strawberries. Here are fruity perfumes to savor:

  1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh: Notes of raspberry, grapefruit, and pear create a playful and uplifting aura. Perfect for brunch dates or outdoor gatherings.
  2. Bond NO9, Washington Square: A delightful blend of blackberry, bay leaves, and cedarwood. Wear it when you want to feel whimsical and spirited.

Best Time to Wear Fruity Scents: Late morning to early afternoon, when the sun is high, and your spirit craves a burst of energy.

Floral Notes: Blooms in Full Splendor

Floral fragrances are the heart of summer—the usual approach to buying summer fragrances. These scents use the incredible flower notes, and yes there are so many. You can be so unique with floral fragrances. Imagine yourself in a sunflower field, the air thick with sweetness. Here are timeless floral perfumes:

  1. Neroli portofino: Roses, peonies, and magnolias intertwine in a graceful dance. Perfect for elegant evenings or special occasions.
  2. Gucci Bloom: White flowers—jasmine, tuberose, and Rangoon creeper—create an opulent bouquet. Wear it when you want to feel utterly feminine.

Best Time to Wear Floral Scents: Evenings, whether you’re attending a garden party, a dinner, or a concert.

The Final Note: Personal Choice and Versatility

While we celebrate the uniqueness of each fragrance family, remember that scent is deeply personal. It’s not about choosing one over the other; it’s about having a versatile collection. Why limit yourself? Embrace aquatic freshness, fruity playfulness, and floral elegance. 

So, whether you’re sailing the seas, picking berries, or attending a party, wear your own signature and be flexibel. But if I may, consider having all three in your fragrance wardrobe. After all, summer is the best time of the year, you wouldn't wear the same clothes everyday, why wear the same perfume. 🌸🍊🌊

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