Fragrance Care

Fragrance Care

Today we discover some questions people have about their fragrances and caring for their perfumes, it is important to take care of your beloved scents and therefore you have to make sure of some aspects that can change the smell of your parfum.

Can I store my fragrances in the bath room?

No! Preserve the potency and longevity of your fragrance by avoiding damp storage areas.

Can I store my fragrances in or near areas exposed to sunlight?

No! Expert Advice: Avoid storing fragrances in or near sunlight to prevent degradation.

What is the best way to store your fragrances even on display?

We recommend you store your fragrances in low light settings at room temperature. This will help insure potency and longevity.

What is a Niche perfume?

‘Niche’ is the name given to perfumes which are often interesting, unusual, special, difficult to find. All fragrances tell a story, and exploring ‘niche’ perfumes can be a great way to learn about the olfactory universe.

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