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Tom Ford ft - Neroli Portofino

Tom Ford ft - Neroli Portofino

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Neroli Portofino, a vibrant creation from Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection, captures the essence of cool breezes, sparkling clear water, and lush foliage along the Italian Riviera. It’s a fragrance that whispers sophistication and invites you to dive into the azure Mediterranean.

Key Notes:

  • Tunisian Neroli: A burst of citrus freshness.
  • Italian Bergamot: Zesty and invigorating.
  • Sicilian Lemon: Crisp and sun-kissed.

Imagine standing on the sun-drenched cliffs of Portofino, the sea breeze carrying the scent of blooming orange blossoms. Neroli Portofino conjures that essence—a blend of crisp citrus oils, floral notes, and amber undertones. It’s splashy yet substantive, a vibrant reinvention of a classic eau de cologne.

The bottle itself is a work of art—an exquisite turquoise flacon capped with a gold-tone, metal inset. Its sleek, architectural design adds monumental beauty to any dressing table or grooming area. With Neroli Portofino, you’re not just wearing a fragrance; you’re embodying the spirit of the Italian Riviera. Whether you’re sipping limoncello by the harbor or dancing under the stars, let this scent be your companion—a testament to timeless elegance and sun-kissed memories. ☀️🌊🍋

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